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ARTDECOARTMODERNE.COM  is a site devoted to the ART DECO . ART MODERNE style expressed through the setting and decor of great NYC homes.

Touring the wonderful Deco Modern exteriors and interiors of  post WWI apartments in the city, Randy Lombard, a residential real estate broker and Gail Green, an interior designer,  provide a unique Art Deco experience for their clients.  Here, they locate and then design within a modern idiom the  American, French, Austrian, and International Art Deco style.  Exquisite Deco details are explored through this duo’s expertise as they escort you to these wonderful apartments and townhouses, while providing you with architecture and interior decor: a perfect combination.

With a wealth of resources at hand, Gail and Randy show you the potential of the best Art Deco Art Moderne venues the city has to offer.  From furniture and artisan craftsmen to hardware and period art, we provide you with the best resources, helping you transform your period apartment into DECO MODERNE.

Catering to both American and International clients, we are well versed in the know-how of real estate transactions and design.


Gail Green Interiors is an interior design, architecture, staging, and decorating firm specializing in Art Deco Art Moderne residential and commercial projects throughout the country. Attention to detail, classical simplicity, and quality craftsmanship are our hallmarks. Our Art Deco Art Moderne style marries the elegance of the past to the classic elements of modernism. Creating quality interiors that are timeless and serene, luxurious yet understated, and historical yet innovative, Gail Green excels at providing her clients with classically Art Deco Art Moderne spaces that beautifully flow and are aesthetically pleasing.

Randy Lombard is a real estate broker and a native New Yorker. She specializes in selling and buying luxury apartments, townhouses and other properties in Manhattan and throughout the world. With a passion for the art deco art moderne style, Randy’s focus is seeking out these unique properties. Her eye for detail and a collector’s sensibility allows Randy to satisfy her clients’ desire for the Deco Moderne home. Her expertise in identifying a property’s value is enhanced through her knowledge of this historical period.



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